Ray Power Africa provides off-grid solar energy solutions as a service. We create distributed networks of electricity to allow enterprises, as well as individuals, to be self-reliant and use energy more efficiently. Ray Power Africa innovative solutions include stand-alone solar systems with battery, and solar water pumps.

As the world is increasingly becoming data and energy reliant, we build capacity to anticipate the radical changes induced by globalization, digitalization, and demographic shifts. By meeting the fast-paced energy demand with solar off-grid solutions, we foster inclusive economic growth and provide affordable and secure electricity .

Ray Power Africa is a for-profit company that conducts business following the principles of sustainable development. We are on a journey to improve profits, without compromising the future of the next generation.

Ray Power Africa was founded by Aurora Chiste, in January 2019, and it’s headquartered in Ghana c/o Impact Hub Accra, Ako Adjei Park, Osu, Accra.